Weighting the Outside Peg

Weighting the outside footpeg is a popular riding tip now a days. We’re talking low center of gravity here. Many riders may know that in general weighting the outside peg is a good thing but why, when and how exactly does it work? That is the million dollar question. Yes, it certainly is beneficial in many cases but in many other cases it really isn’t necessary and has no benefits. Therefore if you’re doing it anyway you are just wasting energy. Even when you should be doing it if you’re trying to put all your weight on the outside peg while sitting on the seat you are also wasting energy. Just try to stay in a half squat on one leg and see how that feels after a while. So when should you be weighting the outside peg and how much?


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Riding Bermed Corners

Rutted corners are a pros friend but they can be a beginner’s nightmare. The pros like them because they offer excellent traction. The beginners usually have a difficult time with them because they can’t stay in the rut. One of the most important factors about going fast on a motocross track is traction, especially in the corners. If the ground is pretty hard it’s going to be on the slippery side and probity not very good for building berms. But even then the good rides will have some small berms in the corners that they will rail through for improved traction which translates directly to more speed. Sometimes these hard berms can be so small that a beginner rider won’t even notice them.


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Getting the Most Out of Morning MX Practice

At most races there’s not much time to practice and get to know the track before you’re going to be on the starting line. The following tips will help you get the most out of your practice time.

Get there early enough so you’re not rushed and make sure you have your goggle, gear, bike, and everything else ready for practice. This way you can take your time and sign up and walk the track before your first practice. When walking the track think about what lines you’ll be trying and what obstacles you probably can and can’t jump.

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Anticipaiting the trailhead

“Anticipating” is an essential and key part of riding a dirtbike.

For sure now, as you are driving your vehicle to the trail head, the moto track, or your favorite practice loop out in the bush you have a lot of “anticipation”. Same goes for when it’s mid morning and you’ve got heaps more hours to go being either stuck in that office cubicle, or digging trenches, or what ever it is you do before you can jet out of there and go roosting. But that’s not the kind of “anticipation” I’m talking about here….


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5 Free Tips To Help You Ride Faster & With More Control

Here are 5 free riding tips that will make you ride both faster and with more control. Please read twice through. Read the first time to familiarize yourself with everything and a second time to understand and apply. There is a lot of information here. To be sure to get the most benefit and increase your speed and control, while reading your second time through take your time and apply each technique one at a time.


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