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Kit Ram Mount Quick-grip Wireless Charghing cu Suction Cup

Pret : 755,58 RON

Special Price 682,46 RON


Quick-Grip™ Waterproof Wireless Charging Mount

Powdercoated, marine-grade aluminum construction with stainless steel components and high-strength composite
Universal, water-resistant wireless charging cradle features spring-loaded, RAM Quick-Grip™ design and 10W maximum output
Includes a 1” B-size rubber ball with a diamond base, perfect for attaching any B-size RAM double-socket arms
Connected Type-A male pigtail connector features an in-line switch that allows you to turn off the wireless charging module when not in use
Compatible with handheld devices that will fit the following dimensions: minimum height of 5.625”, maximum height of 6.625”, maximum width of 3.125” and maximum depth of 0.7”
Safety device tether included and recommended for outdoor applications

Includes double-socket arm and mount

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Brand Ram Mounts

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